Monday, August 8, 2011

ZSA ZSA ...your glamour will always be appreciated!

Zsa Zsa Gabor is what we call a "true" celebrity as she was the first celebrity to be famous solely for her celebrity. The cop-slapping Gabor sister was also known for her many marriages, personal appearances, life actions, and famous catchphrase, "dahlink." 
She first appeared in the 1952 film, "Lovely to Look at", and later made the comedy called "We're Not Married!" Her big break in film was her role in "Moulin Rouge" as "Jose Ferrer". 
Zsa Zsa was known for her humorous act of slapping a police officer during a traffic dispute, where she ended up spending several days in jail! Bad dahlink!
Unfortunately, Gabor was put into a coma in 2002 after a horrifying car accident.  Zsa Zsa will always be remembered and missed as her glamour and elegance continues to shine!

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